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Get HIRED in Public Health

Finally! A safe space and a community for the public health workforce to be guided and mentored in career development and through real job offers - exclusively for recent graduates, students, and working professionals in public health, public policy, public administration, health administration, health education, epidemiology, biostatistics and related fields!

The Evidence? Proven first-hand by THOUSANDS of public health professionals nationwide and globally who have tested the founders initial guidelines, these revolutionary HIRED Framework has successfully helped them apply to better jobs, get more callbacks, improve interview skills - with over 200 public health students and professionals having secured jobs and internships by highly competitive and reputable companies with ZERO connections. Essentially, the HIRED framework designed by the founder speaks exclusively to the public health student, expertise, and career needs because she herself stumbled over them as she navigated the most challenging career journey of her life - the public health job search. At the height of the January 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic, she knew the workforce would be lost given her own experience navigating the landmines of the job hunt, so she offered free group webinars initially and to date has resulted in the development of an exclusive e-course webinar series known as the HIRED Masterclass,  which walks you through the path of how to get hired in public health plus the highly anticipated Public Health HIRED Mentorship.

Since 2020, no other public health career coach or mentor has single-handedly walked HUNDREDS of public health colleagues through the employment process - successfully with job offers and at this volume in less than 4 years. These HIRED methods and best practices improve  public health job searching, teach you how to professionally tailor your resume and cover letters and prepare you for multiple rounds of interviews, assignments, plus salary negotiation! Whether you’re a college student looking for an internship, recent MPH graduate looking for a job, or a working professional looking to make a career transition – these results-driven best practices for job hunting in public health are right for you! 

🖤Start by downloading the FREE Key Terms Guide, then download the HIRED Masterclass when you're ready to start applying seriously to jobs, and if needed, upgrade to  the HIRED Mentorship if you want tailored resume support, job searching support, and unlimited interview prep with Zoila until you get HIRED.🖤 

Join 12,000 of your public health peers across our social media communities and check   out Instagram @publichealthhired for free job alerts, free lessons, and connect with colleagues. 


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Insider tips and guidance for public health career development, educational options, certificate programs, financial advice, salary negotiation, company reviews, and perspectives on work-lifestyle exclusively for and from public health professionals.

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"Zoila really is the GOAT. She speaks the language of Public Health!"

"I changed my resume and cover letter based on your Masterclass and immediately saw more interviews flood in. The HIRED Methods work!!"

"I have good news to tell you! They offered me the Infection Control job!"

"AHHH I GOT THE JOBB!! Relationship manager for the healthcare sector of a tech company. Going to make double what I make and remote and wayyy better benefits! I’m so happy because all my hard work paid off. All the tailoring of resumes and cover letters was worth it. Thank you for the free resources, without them I would be stuck"

"Just wanted to share the good news - I received a job offer from LA DPH on the Health Educator position! I’m overwhelmed with gratefulness right now, and I largely credit my success from your masterclass and 1 on 1 meeting. Thanks so much for all your expertise and guidance."

"I felt more prepared to work on my resume and more confident about my experience!"

"After we met and looked at my resume, I went through the Masterclass and tailored my resume using your HIRED methods and key terms ... Thanks to you I got an interview with Carnival Cruise Lines as a Public Health Officer!"

"I'm still tripping off the Zoila effect! Can't believe you managed to coach me out of my self-doubt!"

"Your advice and materials have really helped me take my resume and cover letter to the next level. Not to mention your tips on RESEARCHING and STUDYING the job/company. Thank you for being a fantastic advocate and mentor during this process!"

"Great service to utilize if you are in the public health field! Zoila knows exactly what she is talking about! A life saver!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I have officially accepted the position at the Public Health Institute in Wisconsin. Thank you again for providing me the confidence and tools to navigate this tumultuous time!"

"The HIRED Methods are very different than anything else found online or what other mentors and professionals have shared with me so far." 

"I finally took control of my job searching because of Zoila! She's unlike anyone or anything you'll ever experience in public health career development."

"RUN!! Don't walk - and download the Masterclass! I not only get way more interview callbacks, but during the interview I'm always told how impressive my resume is!"


Master the HIRED Methods

Zoila Reyna, MPH

Latina Founder of Public Health Hired


After 15 years working in public health for nonprofits, government, healthcare, and foundations, I have seen it all when it comes to getting hired! I've taken risks (quit 2 jobs paying $80K) and know the struggle of the job hunt first-hand when unemployed and as a recent graduate. Simply put, I am here to show you a better way to get hired -  actual strategies that work, and best practices that secure job offers from any industry of public health. As a public health professional, I've secured 7 out of my 12 jobs in public health by applying these HIRED methods and best practices plus and have helped mentees and followers get hired by over 200 companies since founding Public Health Hired! YES actual job offers! Follow for free content on mastering the HIRED Framework on social media.

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