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HIRED Mentorship Waitlist: Unlimited Mentoring to Receive A Job Offer (Enrollment Opens August 1)

Your Dream Job in Public Health Awaits! 

As your Mentor in public health, you have me on retainer until you get a job offer! I will guide you through finding the best jobs, help you finalize your resume and cover letters, and practice unlimited interview prep with you UNTIL YOU GET HIRED! Sign up for the waitlist to get a coveted seat for this highly anticipated Mentorship opportunity! After signing up for the waitlist, an exclusive enrollment link will be sent to your inbox to enroll during the next enrollment period. 

Wish you had a partner in crime for the job hunt? Want to land your dream job in public health? Scared of rejection and missing out of unique job offers? You don't have to job search alone this year, especially if you're graduating this year! Consider activating a tailored mentorship with Public Health Hired of unlimited zoom, talk, text UNTIL YOU GET HIRED!


  • Weekly Zoom one-on-one coaching from Zoila
  • View Zoila's LinkedIn Job Feed directly over Zoom, which is used for the job alerts on Instagram stories
  • Job leads sent directly to your phone
  • A mentor in your pocket to answer your burning questions
  • Proofreading and editing your resumes and cover letters
  • Access to the online Masterclass and winning resumes/cover letters
  • Interview Prep Support for unlimited interviews
  • Assignment support for final rounds of interviews
  • Mastery and practice of the H.I.R.E.D. method with Zoila's guidance
  • AN ACTUAL JOB OFFER!!!!!!!!!!*


1. How long will the HIRED Mentorship last? You have me on retainer as your Mentor in public health UNTIL YOU GET A JOB OFFER! From personal experience and client successes, it's taking 4-8 months to get hired and up to 50 or more applications. Maybe you'll get hired sooner or a bit later than that, but either way - you have me as your guide and mentor! Again - this mentorship ends WHEN YOU GET A JOB OFFER!

2. What's the experience of the mentorship like and when do we start? There's nothing like this offered anywhere else for public health professionals - so it's unlike anything you've ever experienced! It's refreshing and enlightening to connect with a mentor who knows EXACTLY what you're going through and who can SHOW YOU how to correct yourself so you get more call backs and a job offer!

We start when you want to start! No pressure! Once you decide you are ready, we meet every week for 30 mins on your current situation to help you stay motivated, search for quality jobs together, and help you apply appropriately. When you see a job you like and suits your skillset, I will give you feedback on how to update your resume and cover letter, then I'll do final edits to make sure you hit on the main points per submission so that you're competitive and gives you a good chance of getting interviewed. I recognize the job hunt is an emotional and mental struggle, so we can slow down or speed up whenever you desire. No pressure! I try to motivate but I don't force and will never make you feel bad about your process. This is your journey and I respect your choices and emotions.

3. How do you send me job leads? I prioritize all my clients for job leads, meaning if I see something that suits you, I will send it straight to your phone and not disclose it to others or on the instagram job alerts. I give you an edge by showing you the best jobs, especially when they are a good fit for you! We can decide to work on job leads on a weekly basis, and we can also do job search sessions over zoom during your 30 minute weekly touchbase with me. I will also help you find them on your own by helping you improve on your job search technique - this takes time but that's okay!

4. Do you review all my resumes and cover letters for each job application? Depending on your goals that week, we can discuss which documents you need review/edits/feedback. We'll work within a google shared drive to save all your job applications, job announcements you apply to, plus interview prep recordings. I can review your applications also during the zoom 30 minute touchbase on a weekly basis. The goal is also for you to IMPROVE on your application submissions, so over time you should be able to see where and how to edit your documents, but I'll be here to review as needed and when you get stuck. You will be learning a new approach on all this, and we'll work together to make sure you're learnig and catching onto what's important.

5. When are you available during the mentorship? We're in this job hunt together once you sign up! You'll have me on retainer as your mentor UNTIL YOU GET HIRED! So yes, i'm available to you throughout this mentorship. We will meet over zoom on a weekly basis that suits both of us plus you'll have me available on my cellphone via text and phone calls if you ever need to talk! I'm here to help you make this transition and that sometimes involves talking about a tough day at work, considering to quit your job, reviewing job leads, deciding how to ask for references from current or past employers, and so much more! My phone line is dedicated to Public Health Hired, so you can text or call anytime and I'll respond as soon as possible.

6. When is the Mentorship NOT suitable? The Mentorship is not ideal for those without a public health degree or related field. I can't assist you at this time if you need a visa or employer sponsorship. I do not offer referrals or make personal recommendations because you don't need me or anyone to help you land a job - that's the whole point of this process to show you how to get a job on your own with pure talent, proper applications, and polished interview skills.

7. Can the Mentorship help me with moving to another city? Yes the HIRED Mentorship can be used towards relocating or finding remote work. While this sometimes takes more effort to find work in a different location, it is not impossible. The Mentorship will show you how to maximize your opportunities whether you want to move or not for work.

8. What is the price of the Mentorship? Investing in this unique career development opportunity is valued at $12,499 but will cost only $4,999 to master the HIRED methods along Zoila's weekly coaching until you get a job offer! There's no expiration on the mentorship until you get hired! Keep in mind, if you sign up for wait list here, you will be provided special price offerings and payment plan options to help accommodate you. After signing up for the waitlist, an exclusive enrollment link will be sent to your inbox to enroll into the Mentorship during the enrollment period. Price is subject to change. 

9. Where can I find the terms of agreement? UPON PURCHASE, YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS (click to open or copy and paste into a new browser window)

10. What are the results of Mentees who join the HIRED Mentorship? Mentees working directly with me on a weekly basis for their job hunt have been hired by CDC Foundation, Fund for Public Health NYC, New York State Health Department, Santa Clara County Health Department, Orange County Department of Health, California Department of Public Health, City of Hope, ASTHO, American Heart Association, WorkWell NYC, Fistula Foundation, Maryland Health Services, and the Ontario Public Health Association (in Canada).*

*Results vary, no guarantee of getting a job offer.


  • "Now that I’m hired, I feel amazing, I am working in the career field that is the best match for me."
  • "Thanks to Zoila, I stayed encouraged throughout the Mentorship even through the hard times and never gave up!"
  • "Zoila is the only person I know who truly speaks the Public Health language in resume writing. She is a true gem, I wish I found her sooner like right after I completed my Master's in Public Health Degree."
  • "During the mentorship for my job search, Zoila was VERY supportive. I struggled really hard with rejections but Zoila helped to see the light and not take it so personally."
  • "Your methods really work!"
  • "They LOVED my resume!"
  • "The cover letter looks great Zoila, you really have a way with words!"
  • "I felt more prepared to work on my resume and more confident about my experience!"
  • "I was able to learn from practice and get better each time I interviewed. Zoila also helped me find jobs that matched my interests and skill set. She is so good at using the best key terms in Public Health!" 
  • "I'm still tripping off the Zoila effect! Can't believe you managed to coach me out of my self-doubt!"
  • "Great service to utilize especially if you are in the public health space! Zoila knows exactly what she is talking about!"


Public Health Hired LLC is the fiercest career coaching firm for public health professionals, students, and recent graduates. Founded January 2021 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the mission of the organization is to demystify the employment process and help public health professionals get hired in this in-demand field. Hundreds are gaining the proper etiquette and professionalism needed to be competitive in the workforce by simply studying the methods and framework for job applications in public health. Whether you're a student or a seasoned professional, we're here to help you meet your career goals to secure employment - with zero networking involved. The expert advice stems from the founder's 15 years of public health experience and a proven track record of helping dozens get hired in public health.